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Website Development

Websites are a great way to promote products, engage an audience, sell products, or help potential customers. A good website needs to provide a robust combination of features while also being compatible with every device on the market, especially mobile devices.
I can help you with the entire process of creating a website. From choosing a domain name, to the design and features of the site, and then bring your vision into the real world. The content on any website I build can easily be updated by the owner of the website. Let’s say that you want to change something on the website sometime after it has been designed and built. It would be a real pain for you to have dial up your web designer, explain the changes you want, send the content to the designer, and then pay for them to make the changes. With my websites, I give you the tools to easily modify and change content on your website at any time.
Each website I build is custom coded and built from the ground up by me with sustainability and compatibility in mind.

I price web design based on the set of features your website will use. Once those features are selected you are free to use them on as many pages as you want, in any configuration you want, as many times as you want.
The standard package of features includes Headers, Footers, Contact emailers, Maps, Social Media links, Social Media Tags, Mobile support for all devices, Embed-able content, Popup Modals, Picture Slideshows, Picture Galleries, Sitemaps, SEO, Favicons, and Error pages.
Some addon features are Analytics, Customer Logins, Customer reviews pages, Online Store, and I can build anything else you might want to try.
The standard package costs $350 and each addon feature is an additional charge to the standard package.

Request a Quote

Select the features you would like to potentially have on your website then press "Get Quote". This will send me an email letting me know what you want and I will reach out to you within 24 hours. We can change your selection later, this is just to get a rough idea of what you might want.

(headers, footers, SEO, emailers, social media links, mobile support, etc...)

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What will your website be for and what would you like it to do?


  • No Feed Music
    This is a website I built for myself. One of my hobbies is writing, performing, recording, mixing, and engineering music. No Feed is the name I release music under, and that music needed some sort of outlet. This website uses some of the more advanced features I've developed for analytic tracking of how users browse a website. This site is capable of telling me how conversions happen and what works and doesn't work for drawing in an audience. These analytic features are available for use on your website too.

  • Jessica E. Relyea Design and Photography
    Jessica needed a website to display her portfolio of accomplishments in the world of Design and Photography. She described to me how she wanted her website to look and act. I then built her website while also giving my input on how to get the most out of it. I also made it so that she can upload more pictures at any time and the website will display them with-out any further action from her or myself. She can easily and quickly adjust the content on her website without my intervention. The website she has is self-sustaining and helps her clients find out about her work and artistic style. Your website can be updated and changed just as easily as hers.

  • Chord!
    Chord is a platform I created to help musical artists connect with their target audiences in a meaningful way. What Chord does is provide fans with links to every media outlet an artist may be on. This allows the fan to listen to the artist however they find most convenient. Presenting music to an audience this way helps the artists content get more as well as longer plays. Your website too could provide a useful service to your clientele.

  • Super Pantendo
    The Super Pantendo is an ambitious development expirment. The challenge was to put over 6000 old school video games into a single arcade cabinet. The project met that goal and exceeded it by getting onto smaller and smaller hardware. www.Pantendo.com is a blog I set up to chronicle the entire development process and share knowledge on how it was done. A blog can be an incdibly effective tool for creating content that will bring people to your webpage month after month. I can set up and include a blog on your webpage to help you create your own critical mass.

  • eApproval
    eApproval is a dynamic website I coded that allows creative companies to easily and safely show art proofs to their customers to gain feedback or approval. The link here is only an example of the real thing, but design companies can upload batches of proofs and quotes with the click of a button. The website then creates a unique link that can only be shared with the design client. This way the design, revisions, and pricing stay private to the two parties involved. Your website too could be used to retreive feedback from your customers.

  • DLT Computer Solutions
    This is my website. I designed it, coded it, and use it as a testbed for any upcoming features that I may be cooking up. I've done many websites before these six, but I show these six as a good cross section of the wide range of functional design I am capable of.
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